Discounted Pizza Hour Tuesday & Thursday.

Orders to be placed between 5 & 6pm

3 sizes available.
Regular $8.50, Family $12 & Super Family $14
No half half pizzas. Gluten Free N/A

What can you order?

Any of the listed pizzas that are printed on our take away menu.

The following changes are also permitted:


You can take toppings off your pizzas, but you can't add any on. The following exceptions apply:

change of sauce or increase of topping will be charged as per menu.

Cash sales only.

If you can't get through on the phone, I suggest you come in to place your order.

Ordering times are strict. 5pm start & 6pm finish with no exceptions even if you are my mum ;-)

Why did I use pineapple as the topping of choice in the examples? Lots of people dislike the idea of pineapple even being on a pizza. I like to stir the pot. Enjoy..